On Features that have been Rated "R" or "Restricted" we ask that all attendees be 16 or better. If a patron is under the age of 16, s/he may attend the feature, if ACCOMPANIED by a parent or legal guardian. A note or phone call wil NOT suffice for these features.

It is strongly advised that serious consideration be taken before going to these movies with someone under the age of 16, as these "R" ratings are normally well warranted.

A friendly reminder to our customers...

Every Tuesday is FREE POPCORN NIGHT at Main Street Cinemas in Mt. Pleasant! 

All purchased tickets receive a coupon for a free bag of popcorn.

Please, no outside food and beverages inside the auditorium.

Gift Cards are available for purchase at the box office in amounts greater than $10.

Ticket Information

Evening Ticket Prices

Adult (Aged 13-59) $7.00
Child (Aged 3-12)   $5.00
Senior (Aged 60 +) $5.00

3D Evening Prices

Adult (Aged 13-59) $9.00
Child (Aged 3-12)   $7.00
Senior (Aged 60 +) $7.00

Matinee Ticket Prices

A Maintee is any show that starts before 5:30 PM

2D Tickets $5.00
3D Tickets: $7.00